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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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About is a nonprofit organization based in Washington state that unites moms and families to take action on climate change through education, lifestyle change and advocacy.


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Mission, Vision & Programs

The mission of CoolMom is to unite moms and families to protect our climate through informed lifestyle choices and advocacy.

CoolMom's vision is a healthy planet for kids and families.

CoolMom programs create sustainable communities, one neighborhood at a time. We engage in accomplishing our mission through,

  • carrying out sustainable programs, such as Walking School Buses, No-Idle campaigns, and reducing consumption
  • spearheading and joining advocacy outreach
  • organizing
  • engaging membership and larger constituency groups through website content, email campaigns, and social media






Cheri Cornell, J.D., Executive Director

Cheri loves to travel and feels an urgent need to see those places likely to change most in coming years. This used to mean cultural changes, but now means environmental changes too. While visiting Glacier National Park in the summer of 2014, Cheri learned that all the park’s glaciers are likely to be gone by 2030 due to climate change! That’s just one of the reasons Cheri feels strongly called to her position as Executive Director at CoolMom.

Cheri has worked as a legislative aide to Senator Daniel J. Evans, and has been steeped in political and public interest campaigns ever since. As a law student, she concentrated on environmental and resource management, writing a law review article on hydropower dams and the Clean Water Act. As a lawyer, Cheri litigated large Superfund cases. She also worked for Planned Parenthood, building coalitions on the issue of health care providers refusing to treat patients based on religious principles. Cheri has participated in all levels of non-profit work: employee, board member, board president and fundraising. A lot of fundraising.

As a mom, Cheri strongly believes that introducing sustainability at home and in our communities is the surest way to make our kids into good environmental stewards. She is proud to have once convinced her son to take shorter showers because it would help to save the sea turtles of the world.



Sylvia Moss, M.N.P.L., Communications Manager

As mom to a feisty ginger-headed toddler, Sylvia hopes to show her son that even small acts of giving back can collectively bring about positive change, especially for the planet. Positive change for the planet is also why she's proud to do communications for CoolMom. Sylvia aims to continue CoolMom's important work inspiring others to take action on behalf of the planetbe it big on a policy level or small in our daily lifefor our kids today and for their kids tomorrow.

Sylvia brings decades of combined experience in communications, education, public affairs, and program/ project management to CoolMom’s team. Her passion for the environment ignited years ago at the intersection of her love for animals, a small threatened bird, and a big West Coast topicthe northern spotted owl and its dwindling old growth habitat. She eventually landed in Seattle working in Public Affairs for PAWS, where she developed wildlife education campaigns and lobbied for wildlife-friendly laws. In her spare time she helped PAWS rehabilitate native songbirds. As a People for Puget Sound volunteer activist, she lobbied for legislation to restore and protect Puget Sound's waters. As a Green Seattle Partnership volunteer forest steward, she happily got her hands (and knees) dirty, clearing invasive weeds and restoring native plants in Seattle's local parks.

With an M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University, a BA in English Writing from George Mason University, and Certificate in Public Relations and Strategic Communications from the University of Washington, Sylvia hopes her passion and background will translate to engaging others to act on climate for the sake of our planet and all its creatures.


Roberta Riley

Roberta Riley, J.D., Climate Adventures Program Manager

Roberta (“Robbie”) Riley, harbors fond childhood memories of standing with her grandfather on the rocky overlooks of San Juan Island trying to count all the orca whales cresting above the waters of Puget Sound. Today she tries not to count all the cars clogging the thoroughfares of Seattle. But rather than throw in the towel, she wakes up every morning singing a new song. Then she guzzles a latte and asks herself, "How can I make a difference today?" And so was born Climate Adventures, a CoolMom program dedicated to sharing the stories of people here in Washington state who are impacted by climate change or doing something about it.

An optimist with a J.D., Robbie has worked tirelessly to empower women and secure a healthy future for our children and all future generations. In her former role as Legal Counsel for Planned Parenthood, she argued landmark federal court decisions that prompted American companies to cover prescription contraception in worker health plans. More recently, on behalf of  Friends of UNFPA, she lead the World at 7 Billion Project, a collaborative effort to emphasize the connection between women’s health and dignity and sustainability. Today she serves as Communications Director for NW Health Law Advocates.

In recognition of her achievements on behalf of women, Robbie has received several honors including a MS. Magazine Women of the Year Award. In 2014, Huxley College of the Environment named her its Distinguished Alum. These honors have been sweetenedand groundedby her daughter’s remarks: "Mommy I'm bored, let's go ice-skating at ‘Rocket’ Feller Center” (Age 6, MS. Magazine Women of the Year Award); and "Mom, your biceps are ripped!" (Age 18, Huxley College of the Environment, Distinguished Alum).


Julie Gonzales-Corbin

Julie Gonzales-Corbin, Climate Adventures Program Manager

‘Leave no trace’ isn’t easy when you take five wild kids backcountry camping. But Julie’s parents made it the norm whenever they loaded their kiddos into the car to camp in California’s high Sierra, fish a pristine Alaskan lake, body surf along the Oregon coast or ski the slopes of Washington. Sometimes, they must’ve wondered, was all that effort worth the headache?

Today Julie is living proof that the foundation her parents laid paid off. She now devotes herself to helping preserve and protect Washington's environment. As co-program manager of CoolMom’s Climate Adventures, she’s dedicated to seeking out and sharing stories of people in Washington state impacted by climate change or doing something about it.

But first this happened, … “Mom, you gotta get a life,” her teenage daughter blurted out one day. Oh, how that stung. Julie’s daughter’s words morphed into her mantra. After running her own business for 14 years, Julie transitioned to a new career by volunteering, finishing her degree at the University of Washington, and earning certificates in nonprofit fundraising and social media technology. Her deeply ingrained ‘leave no trace’ values guided her every step of the way. Julie now works for Washington Environmental Council and serves on the board of Washington Toxics Coalition.

Julie has been instrumental to several successful social media campaigns, including:  Northwest Health Law Advocates (health care reform), Attain Housing (transitional housing), Dunn Gardens, and Volunteer Park Trust (historical preservation).



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