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From Old to New: Household Items to Fitness Equipment

Posted by Audrey Querns at Jan 20, 2012 10:17 AM |

To help you with your New Year's Resolution to become fitter. Here is an idea that might help you meet your goals and not cost you a bundle in gym fees or equipment.

From Old to New: Household Items to Fitness Equipment

water bottles as dumbbells

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this January? If you did, there is a good chance that at least one of those resolutions involved losing weight, exercising more, or both. It can be a challenge for parents to find the extra time and money for a gym membership, and you may not be eager to spend more money on exercise equipment that may end up collecting dust. I remember recycling my elliptical trainer into a clothes rack and using dumbbells as doorstops. This year, I’m going a healthier direction and recycling household objects into exercise equipment.

I found a slideshow of 12 great ideas for using everyday objects to make your own weights, benches, and suspension systems on Fitbie, the fitness site.

The new uses include:

  • Filling water bottles with sand to use as dumbbells for bicep curls or shoulder presses.
  • Repurposing ropes or towels for doing inverted rows and suspended push-ups.
  • Turning a basketball into a medicine ball for doing push-ups that really focus your core.

Filling a PVC pipe with water or sand to make a slosh pipe – my favorite new piece of equipment of late.  It’s used like a barbell, but the moving fluid or sand means that you have to use your core and every other muscle in your body to maintain stability. There are lots of websites and Youtube videos showing you how to make and use a slosh pipe.

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