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How Will You Model Your Best Post-Election Behavior?

Posted by Cheri Cornell at Nov 09, 2016 05:00 PM |

Here's what I'm telling my daughter who is bewildered by the blatant disrespect for women that welled-up throughout this presidential campaign...

How Will You Model Your Best Post-Election Behavior?

Women of Washington, all women, it's never been more important to join hands.

As a mom, I really try to model good behavior for my children. Keep a balanced perspective on things, Cheri. Don’t catastrophize. (No, Cheri, you will not die if you don’t find your car keys.) Don’t act out of anger. Think before you speak.

Folks, right now I am thinking before I speak.

Last night was not good for things I care about, like strong women leaders, the Paris climate agreement, respect for people of all colors and faith. But like I said, I’m still thinking….

My daughter dominates my thoughts. She is whip-smart, big-hearted, and in her first year at university. For good or bad, she’s never considered “being a woman” as much of an advantage or disadvantage. She’s an achiever and hangs with people of all stripes based on shared interests, not gender, skin color, or class.

Late last night my daughter and I cried together just a little bit on the phone. She is bewildered and saddened by the blatant disrespect for women that welled-up throughout this presidential campaign. All I could do was empathize (because I was trying not to speak out of anger or fear) and assure her that women of all stripes will find their way back to each other and work together to advance the rights of women and families once again. They always do.

I am still thinking before I say more on the election, climate, or gender politics.

I am certain, however, that the women of Washington will—in the not-so-distant future—join hands and rise up to guarantee a healthy climate for every mother’s child in Washington. How about that for modeling good post-election behavior?


It has never been more important to ACT NOW to join hands and rise up to guarantee a healthy climate for every mother’s child:
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Comments (1)

Sherry Jennings Nov 11, 2016 07:38 AM
The American Psychological Association sent out a nice letter yesterday about unity and resilience. They called for compassion and healing and closed with this "Yesterday, while attending an international psychology conference in Haiti, the three of us heard a psychologist from Guyana say that it is dangerous when we cannot see ourselves in each other. That is our challenge now."
Yes, that is my problem and my challenge. I cannot see myself in a tyrannical, self-admitted misogynist, openly bigoted bully. If I ran a company, I would never hire this person. If he worked for me, I would not hesitate to say, "Mr. Trump, you're fired."

Oh wait. He does work for me now. I've been overruled about hiring him. But it doesn't mean I must change my opinions about his past behavior nor does it mean I must tolerate or overlook a bully. If it's taking me some time to work through how I can get past my values to allow this person to represent me, please forgive me. I can see none of myself in Trump.

We must try to stop this unfit role model enter the White House. Look, Hillary Clinton may not have been everyone's first choice. But how does the reality of a Trump administration fit with your personal values?

I just signed the petition "Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19" and you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 3,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:[…]aign=share_email_responsive