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Mom Turns to Biking and Becomes and Force for Change

Posted by Nash Murray at May 02, 2013 10:47 PM |

This [empty] box was too big to fit in my friend's car so I transported it for her!

Mom Turns to Biking and Becomes and Force for Change

Biking with a Box

I started biking with my one-year old five years ago, just for fun. He was never fond of riding in the car, so combining that with wanting to pollute less and several selfish reasons (I have horrible parking karma, hate traffic, am too lazy to walk from far-away parking spots, and abhor paying for parking), I started biking more and more. A second baby didn't slow things down: he started in an infant car seat in a trailer and eventually moved into a bike seat.


For a long time I was content to just set an example by being seen biking around with kids.  However, it's hard not to become an advocate for safer bicycling infrastructure when our streets aren't safe for all ages and abilities. I found myself embarrassed to bring friends along on our busy routes and I get very nervous when I think about children biking separately here. I still really like to spontaneously talk to people one-on-one at red lights and at parks, but I've also expanded my reach by:


- Initiating Bike to School Month at our elementary school,

- Cofounding Seattle Critical Lass

working with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways (join your neighborhood's group!),

- And I've recently become a Cascade Bicycle Club Ride Leader so I can bring more families along for the ride.


Because what it all comes back to is, biking is fun and I want more company out there!


-Madi Carlson

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