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Happy Eek-o-friendly Halloween!

Posted by Sylvia Moss at Oct 12, 2016 08:35 PM |

Is the stress of Halloween costume and party planning haunting you? We've got a spooktacularly last-minute CoolTip that solves both, and just might become an annual Green Halloween tradition...

Happy Eek-o-friendly Halloween!

A costume swap is a BOOtiful idea!

Yep, Halloween is coming up fast. Still need a costume for you or the kiddos? Ever wanted to be the CoolFriends with the fun and creative Halloween party? Why not plan a last minute Halloween costume swap party this weekend and make it a tradition (you'll learn so much this year and it'll be just so much better next year!)

A Halloween costume swap covers so many bases... brilliant party idea for the kids (check), lots of Halloween costume fodder (check), hipster adult party for family and friends (check), and some serious green savings on cash, gas and carbon footprints (priceless!)

First things first... big or small your Halloween costume swap needs some quick organization... Obviously the earlier in October you plan the better (next year, bigger and better for sure.) But it's still possible to have a quick last-minute party that meets your needs (see above checklist for goals.)

Here's how to throw a last-minute Halloween costume swap bash:

  • Contact (phone, email, FacebookTwitter, etc.) family, friends, classmates ASAP with this brilliant pre-Halloween costume swap party idea. Play up the kid-friendly creative fun, the declutter opportunities, and the oh so green silver lining.
  • Ask everyone to bring a minimum of items and make suggestions (such as old Halloween costumes, hats, scarves, crazy shoes, outrageous clothes, glasses, costume jewelry, art supplies, paper/ cardboard/ tape, etc.)
  • It's even easier if you make it a potluck! But if you want your guests to focus on supplying great Halloween costume supplies, make sure all know you are supplying the food and drink.
  • Ask for RSVPs and a response on what friends might bring (even if half answer back, you'll get a decent idea of costume supplies in case you need to suggest items to other friends.)
  • Designate a changing room and one or more full length mirrors if possible.
  • It wouldn't be a party without a spooky cocktail (leaded and unleaded for the kiddos of course).
  • Make sure to supply trash bags to donate left-over supplies that friends don't want (or save for next year!)
  • For cleanup, don't to set out large containers clearly marked for for guests: compost, recycle, and trash.


Do you have your own great tips for planning a Halloween costume swap? We'd love to hear them.

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