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Urban Farm Handbook Challenge

Posted by Terri Glabberson at Apr 01, 2012 01:10 AM |

CoolMom is helping promote the Urban Farm Handbook: City-Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat. 40% off of The Mountaineers Books with code.

Urban Farm Handbook Challenge

Take the Challenge!

About the Book

The Urban Farm Handbook is a comprehensive guide for city-dwellers on how to wean themselves from commercial supermarkets, the authors map a plan for how to manage a busy, urban family life with home-grown foods, shared community efforts, and easy yet healthful practices.

More than just a few ideas about gardening and raising chickens, The Urban Farm Handbook uses stories, charts, grocery lists, recipes, and calendars to inform and instruct. As busy urbanites who have learned how to do everything from making cheese and curing meat to collaborating with neighbors on a food bartering system, the authors share their own food journeys along with those of local producers and consumers who are changing the food systems in the Pacific Northwest.

To get a flavor for the book check out the free download on Chapter 4, "Growing Your Own" by going here. And get your 40% discount on the entire Mountaineers Books website, including the Urban Farm Handbook from now through April 16th. Just enter code 'COOLMOM' and you can take part in this savings. Also spend over $50 and receive free shipping.

CoolMom is also helping promote one of the author's, Annette Cottrell, creative ways of engaging folks in those first steps in becoming an urban farmer... the Urban Farm Handbook Challenge!

About the Challenge

Annette Cottrell has pulled together a years worth of urban farming challenges, with each challenge having three levels of difficulty so people can either try something new at a slow pace, or dive in deeper into something they’ve already tried.

The challenge will take place starting in February and will continue for a year. Twelve months, eleven challenges and one reflection month, all on your schedule and at your level of ease.

For example for the month of February the challenge is on soil building. It’s too early to garden outdoors in most parts of the country but we can ready our soil. You’ll learn about worm bins, green manures, composting, biochar and amendments with some fun prizes thrown in for random winners.

Annette has rounded up some wonderful bloggers to help host monthly challenges too!

To find out more about the Urban Farm Handbook Challenge, check out Annette's Blog at and dare to take the challenge!

Comments (1)

Audrey Querns Feb 10, 2012 08:40 PM
I love this month-by-month approach. The real question for me is, "Can I do this with a full-time job and 2 busy kids?"