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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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photo planting

Earth Day for Kids

April 16, Olympic Sculpture Park

CoolMom at Earth Day for Kids – April 16, 2011

This year, Greenwood’s CoolMom chapter celebrated our planet at the Seattle Art Museum’s Annual ‘Earth Day for Kids’ family festival, held at the Olympic Sculpture Park, on a beautiful spring day. CoolMom invited children of all ages to decorate and plant egg carton veggie gardens. Once the seedlings have sprouted, the biodegradable containers can be placed directly into the ground, and the seeds will grow into delicious summer vegetables.

photo planting Located just outside the entrance doors to the Pavilion, the CoolMom table was front and center, and junior gardeners were thrilled to take home their plantable creations. We estimate that around eighty children planted CoolMom mini-gardens. ‘Earth Day for Kids’ was a terrific success, with hundreds of families enjoying earth-friendly crafts, kite-building, Nick Cave Soundsuits, live music and dancing shows. Most families needed at least two hours to experience all the activities, and some stayed all day.  CoolMom’s popular garden project is sure to be a hit again next year!

SAM has prepared a great video of this year’s event.  Take a look!  CoolMom is around the 0:55 mark:

-Carrie, Kimberly, Lexy & Mai (Greenwood/Ballard CoolMom members)

Paint Past Coal

February 19, Saturday 11am to 2pm

Paint Past Coalevent AlkiSierra Club, CoolMom and other like minded folks will be gathered on Alki to raise awareness of the need for a coal-free future in Washington. The "Paint Past Coal" event on February 19th in West Seattle on Alki beach included music from Michael Caulfield and Moon Girls. Richard Conlin spoke about the importance of getting Washington State off of coal fired energy and creating increasing avenues for more clean energy. All that attended created an art mural that will be presented to Senator Nelson (who serves on the Environment committee). This will give Senator Nelson support to push for good legislation regarding the TransAlta coal plant.

House Passes Landmark Legislation to stop coal polluting in Washington

Lawton Walking School Bus and Day


Car Seat Recycling
Pinwheels for Senators
Alternative Transportation Pledge Drive Month
Pinwheels for a Coal Free Washington
Earth Day for Kids
Green Cleaning Demonstration

2009 -full list (large PDF)

2008 -full list

Car Seat Recyling

October 2010

CoolMom Greenwood/Ballard group recycling 350 event

The CoolMom Greenwood/Ballard group joined forces with WestSide Baby and Waste Management to collect car seats.  As part of the 10/10/10 day of climate action, the organizations set up shop at Viking Bank on October 10 to collect car seats from the community to be reused or recycled. Thanks to our amazing mom-and-dad network and our resourceful pool of volunteers, our car seat re-use and recycling drive was an incredible success. The event collected approximately 300 car seats! For the full story read more.

Pinwheels for Senators

June 2010

CoolMom at Senator Cantwell and Murray's offices.

CoolMom visited our Washington Senators' offices on June 6. We delivered letters, art work and even some vases full of renewable energy, pinwheels! The visit was to encourage our Senators to pass a strong comprehensive climate and energy bill. For tips on how to become an advocate for climate change, go to our Take Action page, Advocacy Section.

Alternative Transportation Pledge Drive Month

May 2010

Keri Watkins with kids on her bike

Pledge Drive for the Month of May. CoolMom raised close to $1400 for the Alternative Transportation Pledge Drive. CoolMom members cut those carbon calories by traveling to work, school, play, and running those errands by bus, bike, two feet and carpool and reduced CO2 to benefit the planet. 150 miles in total were traveled by members, that is some great carbon savings!


Good reasons to we did this

  • Modeled for our children ways to get out of our cars
  • Saved energy and money
  • Raised money for CoolMom

How it worked

  • Got pledges from family, friends, and neighbors for each mile traveled alternatively in the month of May.
  • Made it a friendly competition between friends and neighbors, to see who could travel the most miles by any of the carbonless means.
  • Got our kids and partners to do it too

Tips and Ideas for busing, biking and walking

To see how CoolMom Executive Director went carbonless, check out her blog.

Pinwheels for a Coal Free Washington

April 2010

Green Lake Pinwheel event for Coal Free WA CampaignGreen Lake Pinwheel Wind Farm, A Success!

by Kimberly Christensen.

April 18, 2010 Hundreds of pinwheels were made by children throughout the Seattle area and on April 18th the wind farm was erected! CoolMom members and families visiting the playground at Greenlake spent the better part of the day making hundreds more pinwheels with eager children. While we constructed the pinwheels and talked with the children about clean energy, volunteers from the Sierra Club spoke with their parents about the TransAlta Coal Plant. Many parents didn’t know we had a coal plant in Washington, and agreeing that it should be phased out and signed postcards to be sent to Governor Gregoire. All over the playground you could hear parents and children discussing clean energy. It was very cool, and met our goal of installing a wind farm to generate fun and education at Green Lake.

Twenty Percent. Watch this quick 32 second video about coal in Washington State.

Earth Day for Kids

April 2010

Earth Day for Kids at SAM Olympic Sculpture, Seattle WAEarth Day for Kids at SAM Olympic Sculpture Park was fun for young and old. CoolMom made pinwheels for our activity this year inviting kids of all ages to make a pinwheel for our Coal Free Washington Pinwheel Farm. Organizations from around Seattle including Seattle Tilth, Nature Consortium and other like-minded organizations created fun activities for kids.  The program also included several shows byVicious Puppies, a local teen break dance group. Kids went home tired with loot including painted flower pots, build a bugs, and earth day flags.



Green Cleaning Demonstration

January 2010

green cleaning participation by attendees

CoolMom and Bridge Park Independent Retirement Living hosted the Green Clean Demo on January 6 to demonstrate ways that moms and dads can create cleaning supplies in their homes while saving money and the planet. The American Lung Association and Perfect Touch Cleaning and PCC supported the event with supplies, information and tips on creating healthy and safe home environments, while cleaning your home and for less money.

After the lecture part of the program, participants made their own home cleaners, recipes here

Why does CoolMom care about home cleaning?

There are four main ways in which green cleaning can help affect climate change, which are:

    • Reducing packaging
    • Reducing waste in the landfill and reducing recycling emissions
    • Reducing carbon emissions during product development, packaging and distribution
    • Reducing consumption

By buying in bulk, like large containers of vinegar, which is used in most green cleaning products, it reduces and/or eliminates the need for smaller and one time use products that tend to be more expensive, create more waste, and use up more resources to produce. Buying in bulk saves money and time.

Continued story here and full lecture here.

View City Stream's story on CoolMom's Green Cleaning Demo here: