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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Get Involved

Moms are uniting to address the most important issue of our time: global warming. Act Now for our children's futures and Join us in taking action on climate change. There are many ways to get involved!


Coolmom engages moms, dads and families to take action on climate change. Our actions can make a big difference for our children's futures and the health of the planet. Join CoolMom in helping each other live more sustainable lives. There are many ways to be a CoolMom member. Try these on for size:

Join a Group
Start a Group
Take Action & Tips
Top 10 Things Families Can Do

Individual Donations
Corporate Sponsorships


Corporate Sponsorship

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The financial support we receive helps us defray costs and add value to our community. Sponsorship funds are used to cover outreach, equipment, and administrative costs.  Sponsorships are also effective means for companies to deepen their relationships with CoolMom and the community it serves, and with other sponsors.

Sponsorships are available for CoolMom programs or for the organization itself. Corporate sponsorships begin at $500 and may include logo placement on our webpage, brochures, and other materials and benefits.

Please contact for more information.

Is doing good, good for a business?

A study has documented that charitable contributions enhance the future revenue growth of business donors. In particular, it has been shown that businesses that donate to charities earn back $6 in sales for every $1 they contribute to good causes.  As a business owner, please consider a quarterly donation based on a percent of your profit.

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