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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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We Can Do Better for Our Kids than Coal! Comment Today

Now is your chance to say NO to a coal terminal in our collective backyard. Attend one of three important hearings May 24 to June 2 or comment online by June 13.

Our kids deserve clean air, not new sources of air pollution in our communities. Now is your chance to say no to a proposed coal export terminal in Longview, Washington.

Join CoolMom and stand up for a cleaner and safer future for all our kids. Here are three ways to speak up for your kids today!

  1. Tell our decision makers in person what you think of plans to set up a coal terminal in our collective backyard. Attend one of the three hearings running May through June. Register to attend the hearings here: Power Past Coal.

    • Longview: Tuesday, May 24th at the Cowlitz Expo Center 1:00-9:00 p.m. Rally at 4:00 p.m.

    • Spokane: Thursday, May 26th at the Spokane Convention 1:00-9:00 p.m. Rally at 4:00 p.m.

    • Pasco: Thursday, June 2nd at the Trac Center 1:00-9:00 p.m. Rally at 4:00 p.m.

  2. Submit a statement online by June 13. You can review the Draft EIS for SEPA before submitting comment.

  3. Submit a letter with your kids by June 13. Make it a family affair by composing a letter with your kids and include drawings of course!

Mail to:

Millennium Bulk Terminals EIS

c/o ICF International

710 Second Ave, Suite 550

Seattle, WA 98104

Coal companies like Millennium Bulk Terminals are threatening our health, safety, and the economic vitality of our region for their private gain. We can’t stand by quietly and let coal companies pollute our neighborhoods.

Here are some things to consider for your comments:

  • Communities all through the Northwest, from the mine mouth to the export terminal and all along the rail-route would see up to 16 coal trains rolling through town every day with this proposal alone.

  • Coal trains pollute the air with coal dust pollution and diesel exhaust.

  • Health experts link coal and diesel pollution to asthma, heart disease, and lung cancer.

All comments are valued equally. Only comments received during the official comment period will be considered by the agencies.

Sign up here for more CoolMom climate advocacy info.


Help CoolMom Build a Women's Climate Action Movement

Women may be the most important resource in our efforts to fight climate change... you can help with two simple acts on social media.

At CoolMom, we strive to represent every mother’s child in our quest for a healthy climate.

Our mission is to unite moms and families to protect our climate through informed lifestyle choices and advocacy.

Our vision is a healthy planet for kids and families.

Please help CoolMom expand our network TODAY. These three simple acts will take less than a minute, yet will help us build a strong Women's Climate Action Movement:.

  1. Like us on Facebook and invite your friends to like us too.
  2. Follow us on Twitter and share with your followers!
  3. Sign up to our newsletter... we promise to use it sparingly.



Thank You! You GaveBIG to Fight for a Healthy Climate for All Kids NOW

TOGETHER we have REFUELED a mom's healthy climate movement! We are honored that you chose to help CoolMom fight for a healthy climate on GiveBIG 2016, for our kids today and for future generations.

We want to thank you! Every gift that you made for GiveBIG 2016, big or small, has more impact thanks to Seattle Foundation's stretch fund... and thanks to you!

Among the many asks you received during Seattle Foundation's giveBIG campaign, you chose to donate to CoolMom. Your gracious gifts helped us exceed our total donations over last year's campaign.

Thanks so much for taking the time to be part of Seattle's biggest day of community giving. Thanks also for turning lemons into lemonade during this year's unusual tech challenges due to an overwhelming public response. You have refueled our work so that we can continue to fight for a healthy climate for all mothers’ children, now.

Still Time to GiveBIG for Mother’s Day 2016!

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG extends their giving deadline to May 4! This means there's still time to give a great Mother’s Day gift to honor your mom and Mother Earth.

Do you have a mother, someone who taught you to love nature and give back to your community? Why not honor your mom with a donation to CoolMom through GiveBIG. You can do it right now and share the news with her on Mother’s Day.

Are you a mother, someone who’s taught her kids to honor Mother Nature and value experiences over more stuff? Share this link with your partner and kids - ask them to skip the shopping and make a donation to CoolMom in your honor for Mother’s Day.

There’s nothing like motherhood to move global warming from the esoteric to the vividly real. That’s why CoolMom is here to unite moms and families to reduce their carbon footprints and fight for robust climate policies. As a CoolMom, you fight for climate justice not for some future generation; you fight for a healthy climate for all mothers’ children now. Please honor every mother and every mother’s child with a donation to CoolMom during GiveBIG 2016.

Remember - The Seattle Foundation will match a share of every gift—meaning your support for Mother Earth and all her children will have even more impact!

Record high volumes of traffic on Seattle Foundation's donation pages on May 3 may have caused donors to experience a delay in donation pages loading. Due to this issue, Seattle Foundation has extended GiveBIG through midnight Wednesday, May 4.

Learn More About May's Global Climate Action: Break Free from Fossil Fuels

Watch a premiere showing of "Disobedience" and learn how your family can participate here in the Pacific Northwest in May's global mobilization event: Break Free from Fossil Fuels.

World leaders have acknowledged that we need to stay below a 1.5°C temperature rise. However, they have failed to enact the necessary policies. We are in a climate emergency, and it is up to us, the people, to rise up and demand effective action.

All are invited to a gathering in West Seattle to learn about a historic event coming up in May—a worldwide mobilization for the climate: Break Free from Fossil Fuels. (See and for more info.)

When: Friday evening April 29, at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Common House of Puget Ridge Co-housing. The Common House is in the middle of the Co-housing complex at 7020 18th Ave. SW (at 18th and Myrtle), Seattle 98106. Enter from 18th SW. You can park on 18th, 17th, or the south side of Myrtle. Busses 120 and 125 stop nearby.

What: Evening to  a premiere showing of: Disobedience (see trailer here) co-produced by to help mobilize people for Break Free. A discussion will follow on how we can participate in Break Free, here in the Pacific Northwest. There are many different ways—from family-friendly events to civil disobedience. The evening will also include refreshments, time for socializing, and a chance to contribute money if you like.

Additional Info: On the weekend of May 13 to 15, thousands will converge, by land and sea, on the Shell and Tesoro refineries in Anacortes. These two refineries are the most potent symbols of the fossil fuel industry here in the Northwest. People will demand an end to the fossil fuel economy and a just transition to renewable energy. Hundreds will engage in nonviolent direct action.

At the April 29 gathering, a speaker will tell us about the Anacortes mobilization and how we can participate. For example, on May 14 there will be a family-friendly ceremony led by Indigenous people. On May 13, 14, and 15 people will engage in direct action. There will also be workshops, music, and speakers.