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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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You are here: Home News CoolMom is Proud to Support Inspiring Kids to Plant Trees!

CoolMom is Proud to Support Inspiring Kids to Plant Trees!

Do you know a young person who is concerned about climate change?Join Plant for the Planet Academy at their FREE upcoming workshop on October 29 (register by October 27!)

CoolMom is delighted to tell you about Plant for the Planet Academy's upcoming workshop open to kids ages 8 - 14 on October 29. Register here by October 27!

Plant for the Planet is a worldwide group of 34,000+ young people who are planting trees and leading communities to solve the climate crisis now.

At this FREE day-long workshop, the Plant for the Planet Academy in West Seattle will teach 50 students (ages 8-14) how they can take action to protect and heal our environment.

  • Students will learn how to present information to others about the science of climate change and ways to take positive action - both as individuals and as communities.
  • Students will use hands-on activities to teach one another about climate science, how to plant a tree, how to give a climate presentation, and they will make plans with other ambassadors to engage our community on climate solutions.
  • The workshop will culminate in an educational and moving slideshow presentation for families and the public, as the world’s newest Ambassadors for Climate Justice share what they have learned from each other and make their commitments to advocate for trees and for our environment!

WHAT:  West Seattle Plant-for-the-Planet Academy
Saturday October 29th 2016
9:00am - 5:30pm

WHERE:  Westside Unitarian Church
7141 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136

FREE to all students ages 8 - 14 includes lunch, t-shirt and book "Tree By Tree"

Register here by October 27.




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