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Help Expand Seattle's Bus Service

3 ways to help Prop 1 pass on November 4th.
  1. Vote YES for Seattle Transit, Prop 1, listed at the bottom of your ballot! Vote early to be certain your vote is counted, or at least vote by November 4th.
  2. POST and SHARE the Vote Yes image! Email, Tweet, FB your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Remind them to return their ballots early and vote YES on Transportation Prop. 1. Use the resources above. As of last Tuesday, only 10% registered Seattle voters had returned their ballots.
  3. Volunteer to Phone Bank! Contact if you'd like to help phone bank for the initiative.
    • Sun, Nov 2nd: Brunch Bank!!! 11 to 2pm (TCC)
    • Mon, Nov 3rd: All DAY phone bank 11 to 5pm, 5:30 to 8pm(TCC)
    • Tues, Nov 4th: All DAY phone bank, 11 to 4pm  (TCC)
    • ** Election Night! They will be celebrating all of your hard work and watching the returns together at the Comet on Capitol Hill. The Comet is at 922 E Pike St and we will begin gathering around 7pm.