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PCC Scrip

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How does PCC's Scrip program work?

CoolMom purchases $25 key tags and cards from PCC to sell to its members and friends. These tags are charged with $25 to be used like a debit card at check out. Present the card or key tag at the checkstand and the price of the groceries will be deducted from the card or key tag.

How are Scrip cards and key tags recharged?

CoolMom members and friends, at any time, can recharge their cards at the registers in a quick, simple transaction – for any amount between $50 and $500. Every time they recharge their card, five percent of the recharge total is instantly donated to CoolMom.

Can Scrip balances be checked? Yes, customers can ask for their balance at any PCC checkstand, or they can check online.

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How are Scrip key tags and cards purchased? Send a check to CoolMom, P.O. Box 46228, Seattle, WA 98146 for the amount of key tags (fits on your key chain) and/or cards (fits in your wallet) you are purchasing. Each tag and card costs $25. Please indicate on the check the number and type of tag and/or card being requested. Include a return address and the key tags and/or cards will be mailed to the address indicated.

Win:Win for CooMom and Healthy Families. Buy using your scrip card, your supporting CoolMom principles of choosing local foods, and supporting companies that strive towards lower carbon and more sustainable practices. Please consider buying your Scrip card today. Thank you! The CoolMom Team