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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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CoolMom engages moms and families to help make informed lifestyle choices that protect our climate and to advocate for a healthy planet. We focus on programs that create sustainable communities, one neighborhood at a time.


Climate Adventures

At CoolMom we feel that our moral imperative as moms is to ensure that our kids (and all kids) inherit clean air and water, and a healthy climate. These two CoolMoms are taking matters into their own hands, pulling talents, and seeking out climate solutions across our state with their video series: Julie and Robbie 's Excellent Climate Adventures.

Resource Conservation

CoolMom is committed to promoting resource conservation through waste reduction wherever possible. Examples of our work includes:



CoolMom promotes alternative ways of thinking about we can get from point A to point B in our busy lives. Whether it's by bike, on foot, or reducing car use as much as possible, we've built campaigns and delivered results. Our toolkits for starting your own alternative transportation campaign include:


CoolMom Groups

Our CoolMom Groups are local neighborhood groups made up of moms, dads and other like minded individuals who connect on a regular basis to discuss ways to educate themselves and take action on the topic of climate change.

Sustainable Practices Lectures

At CoolMom we offer Sustainable Practices for Families lectures on the basics of climate change and adaptable life-style changes that families can implement to reduce their carbon footprint.



Support CoolMom through these Programs:


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