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Think Outside the Car

Think Outside the Car helps build community, inspire change, and promote healthy transportation habits. We need you to make this a success for our kids, schools and community!

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What is Think Outside the Car?

The West Seattle CoolMom group was awarded a Department of Neighborhood Large Matching Fund Grant in September 2011 for the project Think Outside the Car (TOC).

TOC brings community together and engages businesses and schools to adopt no-idling practices, walking school buses and bike to school and community programs to improve air quality, save people money, and reduce carbon pollution.

There are two strategies in which TOC will achieve the goals of improved air quality in school zones, around businesses, and ferry lines, money and energy savings for motorists and reduced carbon pollution. These strategies are:

Strategy 1: Engaging Schools to implement *No-Idle campaigns, Walking School Buses and Bike to School Programs.

Strategy 2: Engaging Businesses and the larger community to implement No-Idle campaigns and promoting a more bikeable community through installation of bike stands.

How Do I Get Involved?

Individuals, Businesses and Schools are excited about Think Outside the Car! Want to make a difference at your school and the greater West Seattle Community? Then sign up today to get yourself, your business or school involved. Contact Terri Glaberson at terri at coolmom dot org for more information and to sign up for Think Outside the Car.

Sign up! Volunteers, Businesses and Schools

Volunteer for this exciting West Seattle project! You can make a difference in your community by being a valuable part of the Think Outside the Car team. Learn more here.

Businesses are a vital part of making Think Outside the Car a success. Learn more how your business can help building community here.

Schools can make a big difference in children's health. Get your school involved in Think Outside the Car for cleaner air, healthier children, and money savings for parents. Learn more here.

Start a Walking School Bus and/or No-Idle Campaign at YOUR school, today!


Check out our Think Outside the Car Video and tell us what you think at

Funded in part by:

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