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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Why CoolMom cares about Coal Export

CoolMom agrees with Sierra Club, Climate Solutions and other environmental groups that Coal Export is not in the best interest of our children, families, and our environment.

West Seattle In Motion Update

By In Motion

The results of West Seattle In Motion are in and they are fantastic! Here is a report from the West Seattle In Motion Team.

Holiday Gifts Without All That STUFF!

By anonymous

Join the conversation on what you are doing for this holiday's gift giving. Read this exchange between two CoolMom friends and please share your ideas by posting a comment below.

From Old to New: Sweater to Hat!

By Audrey Querns

Winter has appeared with a vengeance here in Seattle. After a couple weeks of crisp fall days, we’re shivering in the 30’s this weekend!

It’s not bad timing, as I finally got around to bringing the winter clothes up from the basement last week, and have been dragging my kids away from all the Christmas catalogues to try on their old coats, boots, and sweaters from last year to see if any of them still fit.  Hope springs eternal!