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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Victory! Five Million Tons of Carbon Pollution to End

We scored big on this one thanks to our collective efforts and testimonies... Conservation groups reach a historic agreement with owners of Colstrip Units 1 and 2 to retire them and transition from coal.

A CoolMom's Climate Manifesto

By Kathy Washienko

Pssst... all you women out there, we are in fact the secret weapon against climate change... so it's our job to get every possible female voice to join our movement. Read this and pass it on today!

New Reality Strikes Wenatchee Family

By Julie Gonzales Corbin and Roberta Riley

As wildfires rage, a father and son struggle to breathe. Will this family be forced to leave due to climate change?

Why Do We Need YOU to Help Grow Our Leadership?

Are you looking for an opportunity to stand united with strong women leaders who are passionate about creating a healthy climate for all our children? Here's your chance. CoolMom is expanding our Board of Directors!