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Fishermen destined to eat tofu if acidification of Puget Sound continues

By Kimberly Christensen

In a Seattle Times Letter to the Editor, I wrote about the acidification of Puget Sound and its impact on our way of life in the Puget Sound Area and its very real implications for our ocean inhabitants and the fishing industry. I thought it pertinent to repost here on our CoolMom Blog.

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From Old To New, Citrus Peel to Garbage Disposal Deodorizer

By Audrey Querns

Freshen up that smelly garbage disposal with some citrus peels. No need to purchase any store bought product. Just use leftover peels. Any citrus will do.

Paint Past Coal... windy success!

By laura e.

CoolMom, Sierra Club and other like minded folks joined together today to paint a mural to be presented to Senator Sharon Nelson in support of her efforts to pass legislation to Transition the TransAlta coal fired power plant off of coal by 2015.