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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Happy Green Halloween! Let's Talk Candy...

Halloween has arrived and so has the delightful and dreaded candy. So how can we reduce it in a green way that satisfies all? Here's what we've unearthed...

Watch this VIDEO and Vote your Values on Nov. 3 Election Day

CoolMoms Roberta Riley and Julie Corbin are traveling across Washington in search of inspiring conversations to our planet's most urgent issue--climate change. CHECK OUT THEIR LATEST VIDEO just in time for November 3 Election Day.

Seattle CoolMoms: Will You Help Us Move Seattle?

Vote Yes on Proposition 1, Move Seattle Transportation Levy.

Pssst.....Big Oil Hopes You Won't Read Irene's Story

By Roberta Riley

With Election Day a few days away, a Bremerton area mom and champion for clean water urges voters to stand up for our kids.